The Flour Works, Pune

Dog friendly places in Pune – Number One!

I love dogs! But I love my dog the most! 🙂

Weekends are all about spending time with my cute little ball of fur. Belly rubs, treats and taking him out for a ride, which is his absolute favorite! It breaks my heart when I have to leave him at home, so I try to tag him along whenever I can. On our little weekend adventures, we have managed to explore a few cafes which were kind enough to allow pets. In a city like Pune, there are a bunch of restaurants and cafes, that are extremely pet-friendly. Here is the first one on my list where you can take your little buddy along.

THE FLOUR WORKS – Kalyani Nagar

The location of this cafe is perfect! Situated in the silent lanes of Kalyani Nagar, it is quite a chilled-out place where you can catch up with your friends, read a book, or bring your pet! I love the ambiance and feel of this place. Although we always have to sit outdoors whenever we visit because of Moose, they do have a lovely indoor seating. The people visiting this cafe seem to be a young crowd, most of them working class or college students. Some of them were sweet to come over and say hello to Moose.

They do have valet service, which comes in handy if you bring your pet in a car. My much enthusiastic dog can’t wait to jump out the window every chance he gets. When we visited the first time, we spotted a dog lying on a special couch right opposite the entrance of this place and he started barking at Moose. Thankfully, the staff is very courteous and helpful, they helped manage the dog and we comfortably took our place. The outdoor seating is so spacious and perfect for pets, it helps them move around a bit without being a trouble to other guests.

Coming to food, they have so much to offer. You can grab a breakfast here as early as 7 in the morning which include eggs-to-order, french toasts, pancakes and waffles. The rest of the day you can try their pizzas, sandwiches, desserts and coffee. The chocolate shake, coffee corruption and cold Cafe mocha are very good, basically they make amazing coffee. Pizzas are thin-crust and delicious! Vegetable roasted omlette is served with grilled tomato, potato wedges and toasts and it is so filling. The French toast with blueberries and lemon curd is such a delight! Coffee banana shake tastes perfect, they don’t blend in sugar and you can taste the sweetness of banana and bitterness of coffee to perfection! Crepe suzette was a wrong choice for me as I do like a bit of citrus in my food but not too much. The whole crepe was covered in Orange sauce, so maybe someone who loves oranges might enjoy it. I found the Mushroom-parsley Bruschetta a bit bland for my taste. I have heard so much about their famous Hot Chocolate, I am definitely going to try that soon.

The only disappointing thing about this place is that they don’t serve any pet food. I really hope they start doing so. If you request, then they will get your pet some chicken and rice, or maybe boiled eggs, but you must carry your own bowl as they don’t provide any. If they start with their own dog-menu I am sure this will attract a lot of pet-lovers to the cafe.

This cafe is open till midnight, so if you are in a mood for a long walk after dinner, just head over for some good coffee here. It is slightly expensive and might pinch your pocket a bit but it’s totally worth a try!

Highlights: Pet-friendly, good coffee, great breakfast!

Opening hours: 7 AM to 12:30 AM (Mon – Sun)

More pet-friendly restaurants will be featured in my future articles, so stay tuned!

Happy eating!

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(Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are strictly my own and in no way influenced.)

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