The Silent Wife – Review

The Silent Wife
The Silent Wife

Another psychological thriller, promising to take you on a roller-coaster, but fails massively. Sigh! I came across this book on some website where it was listed amongst the top ten thriller novels of the year and I could not stop thinking about it. Let’s take a quick look at the plot of the story:

Jodi is a house-wife and is married to Todd for a long time. Although their life looks very beautiful from the outside, they are not in love anymore. They barely speak to each other or share intimate moments. Moreover, Jodi knows that her husband is having an affair but she chooses to live in denial. She is the silent wife, so instead of confronting him straight-up for his mistakes, she likes to take revenge in her own small ways.

Interesting plot, right? Could have been totally savage, or so I thought! My honest opinion? Do NOT read this book! I mean it! I am saving you from wasting your precious time. This book has the slowest pace possible and the everyday life of Jodi and Todd becomes extremely monotonous. I don’t understand how a wife can be SO silent! Literally not telling him anything about her feelings. She is trying to be the perfect wife by doing her household chores or taking her dog for a walk, but without talking to her husband and taking revenge from him by doing childish things. The author clearly has no idea how to write an interesting “psychological-thriller” book, or else was determined to put fellow readers to sleep.

With every page, I expected the monotonous narration to break and I waited for that twist in the story that would blow my mind away! So when it didn’t happen for more than half the book, I started expecting a mind-blowing end. I didn’t even feel the impact when I was reading the twist. I was left heart-broken and annoyed when I finally managed to finish the book. None of the characters are likable. You wouldn’t even sympathize with the wife because the character is so shallow.

The part that irritates me the most is that how is this one of the best-selling novels of the year? Shallow characters, slow-paced story, worthless ending! If you still want to go ahead and read this book, remember this, you were warned!


Happy reading? Not for me.

(Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are strictly my own and in no way influenced.)

4 Replies to “The Silent Wife – Review”

    1. Hey Alyssa! I would strongly suggest reading A Fine Balance – by Rohinton Mistry. It is a melancholic book but you might enjoy it. Also, if you haven’t read Mystic River, then it’s a good mystery novel. 🙂


  1. I read this recently too and had the same review as yours. It was really disappointing. I just wished they wouldn’t say every psychological thriller as the new Gone Girl. 😦

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