Dino and Duggy’s, Pune

DND ambience
DND ambience

When I first got an invite from this place, I thought Dino and Duggy’s was either a simple mess kind of place, or college-student hangout kind of cafe. But it’s none of those. This place is elegant and the decor is amazing. Loved the ropes on the ceiling and the art-work on the wall! The atmosphere is very welcoming and cozy, so you can spend hours here (when it’s not crowded during lunch-hours) and enjoy their delicious food. The owners, Dino and Duggy, are experts in the area of culinary and have hands-on experience as chefs. The food speaks for itself and without wasting any more time, let’s dive into their menu:


Lemongrass Tini: Muddled fresh ginger, coriander leaves, fresh lemongrass, topped with sprite. This drink was such a treat! Ginger and coriander flavors were bang-on right and I kept sipping and sipping happily!

Cocoberry: Strawberry crush, coconut syrup and vanilla ice-cream. Clearly, as the ingredients suggests, this was a sweet milkshake but very filling and tasty!

Cucumber cooler: Fresh muddled cucumber, basil leaves, topped with sprite. I am not a cucumber fan myself but I am sure cucumber lovers will find this drink extremely refreshing in these summers!

***Non-veg Appetizers***

GP wings: Spicy AF but so irresistible to stop! Loved the chili, loved the punch, going back for more! More adventurous people can try their Thecha wings, which are even more spicy.

Tangdi Malai: The best Tangdi Malai in Pune! This dish CANNOT BE MISSED! I am already drooling thinking about it.

Fish Varuval: A dish served usually during lunch hours, the fish was cooked to perfection and the lemon tang on top just stole my heart! Loved it!

Mutton Ularthiyathu: The mutton was cooked so well, the meat was coming off the bones easily. Mutton lovers must try, it’s delicious!

***Veg Appetizers***

Paneer Malai Tikka: A vegeterian version of the Tangdi Malai, I have to admit, this was better than it’s non-vegeterian version. Yes, I know, but it’s truly amazing! The paneer melts in your mouth and the creamy salty flavor blows your mind! MUST TRY!

Smoked chili and cashew paneer: If you want to go for a paneer dish with subtle spices yet yummy flavors, then I would suggest this dish. Yummy yummy!

Mushroom Gilavat: When you try to break this with a fork, you don’t need to apply any force. It is sooooo soft and tasty, although I would like a bit more flavors incorporated in this but that’s really my personal preference.

Corn cheese tikki: Simple yet delicious. Again, I don’t mind more flavors and chili and lemon in this one but I could also eat it as is. Try with the chutney they serve, it makes it taste so much better.


We opted for the usual Indian cuisine because they recommended that it’s the best around there and I was so glad we listened to them. Below is the list of things we tried for our main course and they all have a few things in common: subtle flavors, yummy taste, full of creaminess and hard to stop eating. My favorite was the Dal Makhani and Hara Masala Chicken here (#HIGHLYRECOMMENDED) Unlike many other places, they keep their flavors soft on the tongue and this makes you enjoy and appreciate the dishes more.

Murgh Makhani, Hara masala chicken, Dal Makhani, Mushroom hara pyaaz, paneer lababdar, butter roti


actually came in a jar and had different layers of chocolate like ganache, mousse and cake, topped with chocolate chips and coconut flakes. Fantastic dessert! I will be going back to try their Banoffee Jar and Payasam for sure.

What more? They have unlimited Veg (Rs. 149) and Non-veg (Rs. 179) Thalis for lunch which have Ghar-ke-jaisa-khana kind of feel. Do try! You can also order side-dishes along with your meals which come at a reasonable price. Oh Yes, the prices here are quite affordable and once they start serving alcohol (which I hope is pretty soon) I am sure they are going to pull more crowd!

Rating: 5/5

Lastly, a huge shout-out to Team Dino and Duggy’s for the invitation! Great place, great food, amazing staff! Keep it up guys!🙂


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