About the Famished Reader:

A restless soul who wants to live life to the fullest! I have always wanted to write a blog of my own and share my thoughts out on the internet but it has been possible only because I was pushed into this by my husband (I know I’ll thank him later!). I love making friends and talking to new people about their food and travel experiences. I wish to travel the entire world one day and see all the beautiful things that brings me close to nature (To sit on a balcony with a cup of steaming coffee and admiring the view from afar is all the therapy I need). Always interested in learning new stuff and keeping myself busy!

A hard-core foodie

Food is the most important segment of my life and I am always looking for an excuse to eat. I love trying diverse kinds of cuisines. Wine and dine is totally what I love to do, sometimes I over-indulge, which is why I have to drag myself to Yoga class every morning *rolling eyes*

A passionate reader

I love reading. I can’t put myself to sleep without reading a few pages. A hobby I have nurtured in the past ten years. I can read anything and everything, but most of all my favorites are Crime and Murder Mystery novels.

An amateur photographer

I have only started to explore the world of photography and I am beginning to love it!


If travelling was free, you would never see me again! Need I say more?

Email me: thefamishedreader@gmail.com

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