FC Grill House, Pune

A small group of people invited for the food tasting at FC Grill House, yet it turned out to be a fun evening!

FC grill house-sabali

FC Grill House, a restaurant located bang-on FC road, above Oriental Bank of Commerce, not difficult to locate. Before you open the door to this restaurant, you can hear the music buzzing beyond the walls. And when the door opens, voila! You can see that the place is jam packed on Friday evenings or weekends! I was invited here on a Friday evening and Sabali was performing Live for the audience. I have to admit, although I am not much of a Live music fan kind of person, the music slowly grew on me. Sabali not only plays various kinds of songs but adds their own version of Rap (some good, some meh!) to the songs they play. Kind of keeps you guessing, doesn’t it?

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And then there were none – Review

And then there were none

Agatha Christie. What can I say about her? A mastermind, truly. She was the one who first introduced me to the world of crime, needless to say, I have been hooked ever since. Her work is still considered to be an epitome of sheer perfect crime novels. Every book she has written is mind-boggling. I have always read her books at such a fast pace, my heart racing, reading them at a stretch because I couldn’t put them down. But this one tops them all! It is an extraordinary, gripping and timeless novel!

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A Storm of Swords – Review

Every bit as shocking and dark, Martin has done an outstanding job with A Storm of Swords and I loved every bit of it. How does he come up with this kind of story? I cannot begin to fathom what must go through his mind when he pens down his words and brews them into a beautiful saga. Every bit as unpredictable, definitely better than the TV series!

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Pandora – Gastronomy & Bar, Pune

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, my sister and I were trying to decide a place for having lunch. When it comes to food, we are in no mood to compromise. With good food comes good conversations, hence it is always important to choose the right restaurant. We had a bunch of options to choose from, but eventually decided on Pandora. Oh boy! We were in for a real treat!

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Travel To Bali

En route
En route

Bali has become one of the hottest travelling destination for honeymoon couples these days. Most newly-wed couples that I know of, opt for Bali. But is it only a honeymoon destination where you can sip on cocktails, party and watch the sunsets together? Or is it meant for families as well? Worry not my friends, my personal experience tells me, it is meant for both.

I have been to Bali, once with my hubby dearest and our couple of friends, and second time with my whole family. There is much more to Bali than just drinks and beaches. Bali is full of culture, temples, good people and amazing dining places! But how do you decide where you want to stay? How many days you want to spend on your holiday there? Should you prefer a villa or choose a hotel? I will answer all these questions while I share my experience below. Read on people!

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